Should I ask him this or not?

okay so I like my crush and I want to kiss him but I don't want to ask him bluntly so I was going to be like do you want a kiss? And like I was going to be like you want a kiss and like if he says yes then I will do it..but I will have a chocolate kiss for back up..and more suggestions


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  • Honestly its waaaaaaaaaay better if you totally just catch him off guard. Asking for a kiss is kinda weird. That's what this girl did to me and I LOVED it. I totally didn't see it coming because I didn't think she liked me, but she knew I liked her. Make sure he likes you though.

    • Yeah but I am kind of shy so I don't think I will have enought courage to just kiss him..and I think he likes me but I don't know for sure.

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  • that is too cute that's good, if he says no well be like fine and use you chocolate to play it off and simply eat it. but then also think about it that he might be like kinda nervous and he wouldn't know how to react.,.. but go for it and see what happens, good luck and I hope you get the right kiss that you wanted.

    • Yeah that's what I was planning on doing..but those other two people were saying no just kiss him..

    • Well since you're a shy guy do it my way, but if you simply wanna go for it and just kiss the boy

  • dont ask for the kiss just go for it because he may get shy about it and you'll never know if he really wanted that kiss. ask one of his friends how he feels about you and take it from there. hope you get your kiss:)

    • Yeah but I am shy too so I probably won't have enough courage to just do it..but I need to find out whether he likes me for I can I get him to tell me he likes me..with out asking bluntly

    • Ask one of his friends?

    • Yeah I could