Why did he stop talking to me?

There was this guy I met through a mutual friend. We both had a similar sense of humour and got a long really well. We got to know each other and eventually were spending hours a day talking to each other he told me things like "I've never felt this way before." "You're honestly the most amazing girl I've ever met" and I never slept with him. We were great friends (I thought) and then he started sendin me pics of him and several other girls. I was uncomfortable. He acted like nothing was wrong always saying "you'd make an amazing girlfriend. I wish you were mine" so I told him exactly how I felt and he told me pretty much the same but we never made anything official. A month later he stopped answering my texts, calls and avoided me. I gave up but honestly I can't get over him. What'd I do wrong?


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  • You must show more intrest in him. He probably feels like he has hinted in every way and that the 'ball is in your court' and wants you to make a move. I find often girls wait around for a guy to make the moves but a girl must make some too or he will start to wonder if you really do like him. Especially if he is shy.


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