Me and my girlfriend got into a bad argument, things happened and I said something to her but now she is saying sorry, What should I do here?

We both had a bad argument 2 days ago (just keep this in mind). Last night my girlfriend went out with her friends and she forgot her lights on which caused her to have a dead battery in her car. She called me at 11:00 pm and said “Get over here because my car won’t start for some reason”. I told her not be so forceful then she told me to shut it and help her. So I did. So since we were still mad at each other she was like “could you take any longer?”, I ignored her then went to see what it was and she left he lights on. I said hi to all her friends then she got mad and said why I don’t say hi to her.

Well I had enough and I said “you seem to be yelling at me for these 2 days but your stupid blonde head left the headlights on so without me you would still be here idiot.”. Then all her friends were like “omg Georgie, that was so rude!!”. I ignored them too then my girlfriend said somethings then as soon as the car charged I left.

Well this morning I got a voicemail and message and my girlfriend said that she was really sorry for what she did to me for the past 2 days and says she really loves me and is very sorry for the words and wants me to talkk to her again.

Her words really hurt me and I’m not sure if I should get flowers and go over to her house after work and say sorry myself or not do that. What do you think?


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  • Ask yourself.. Does the bad normally outweigh the good. If so then take some time to reconsider the relationship/flowers/etc. if no then go over there silly!

    • she was very sympathetic in your voicemail, like i feel i want to go but I don't know :/ she kept saying sorry. Should i just go after work?

    • Work it out!

    • hey so i did talk to her and gave her flowers. She apologized a lot to me and even cried cause she said she was under a lot of stress and on he period too so it made it worse. We're fine now. I said sorry for my blonde joke too

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  • this is why you shouldn't date blondes

    nah jk jk lol

    yea you should go apologize for calling her an idiot and stupid but she better for you a good apology because she acted like a bitch


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  • Yes get flowers and apologize too. You were a dick too.

  • I'll tell her to go fuck herself

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