I suspect she may have been with other people sexually when she was away but not really sure?

i may have an oppurtunity to reconnect with an old flame who i had not seen for a while as she had left town and now reappeared. but i have a lot of questions about her long absense and somehow suspect she had been with other guys sexually when she was away although i don't have a good picture of what she was up to but she was away for 6 months and goes to bars a lot and meets a lot of guys. its not that it necessary be a deal break if she had been with someone else. i guess its just how sex is viewed , if a guy had been with multiple women he'd be seen differently than a girl who had been with multiple dudes. guess i just have a lot of questions about her and maybe have doubts as to what kind of girl she is deep down


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  • why does it matter if she was with other people if you guys weren't together? she was living her life, just like u were living yours. it would be good to reconnect and see if she's still the same person you had feelings for before. if she's not, then it would still be nice to catch up and maybe gain a friend :)

    • guess I just wonder what she was up to when she was away , not having heard anything and I mean anything all that time I often wondered what she was up to. it seemed like she went to the kind of place where people her age party and drink a lot when there not working , which I guess is normal for that age but leaves me to wonder if she'd be worth dating or type of girl that's just getting lucky at bar

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  • If you weren't together its none of your business what she hot up to. Focus on how you feel when you are with her. Not her past.


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