I had a weird dream and I think it wasn't a dream at all?

No, this isn't those crazy ass dreams that is impossible to prove of its existence. This dream was so real that I can't believe it myself. So, I been having the same dream for a week now and I realized something. Whatever I had dreamed about is maybe happening now. My dream was about my best friend was too scared to ask out his crush and someone else that has a higher chance than him likes her too. I forced him to ask her out or he'll be thinking about her forever. So, the rest of the dream happens when I'm in gym class and he went to the weight room. The boy who had the higher chance than him was telling how beautiful she was when he comes in and tell her that he likes her. And once he asked her out and she said yes, some ripple effect had happened. This same ripple effect keeps happening when he ask her out. I don't know what it supposed to symbolized, but I theorized it means it wasn't supposed to happen. But in reality, his crush has a crush on him, but never really talked to him at all. Like, she just broke up with her boyfriend who was my cousin. I know good and damn well she won't like me because her best friend and I have a huge rivalry and hate each other to death. What anyone else thinks? My best friend is really scared to talk to her, even though, they both like each other. I never seen him around with her unless it's lunchtime because he sits close to her. But, they both don't speak to each at all.


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  • Well Just Let Them Handle It, Maybe Its Bc They Are Shy Unless Something Weird Happened Between Them. NO Worries


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