Guys, how would you react if your girlfriend asked you this?

You guys are in a steady relationship close to a year now and you've had a previous girlfriend of 4 years who you dont think about anymore bc this new girl is very special to u and u are thinking about a future together with her. You love everything about her especially her attitude and personality, and you love her looks equally as much but your ex was a bit more well endowed than your current girlfriend. Your ex had giant boobs, big ass etc. while she has maybe the average size.
One day she asks you if her boobs are bigger than your ex's boobs just out of curiousity. She saw pictures of your ex and knows the answer but she wants to hear your thoughts on it. What do you say to her? Bc actually this was my situation and my boyfriend did not want to give any sort of answer to me... i just wanted to hear what he was thinking about it and i also felt insecure bc of the comparision of our bodies. Guys... what do u think? Will u tell ur current girlfriend the truth that ur ex had a better chest than her?


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  • First, I know this will be hard for you to understand, but bigger is not necessarily better. So while you have assumed that his ex has the better boobs it's a false assumption.

    Now that being said, if my girlfriend asked me this I'd be assuming there was a fight coming no matter what I say. Because from my point of view I am with her not my ex and the rest is just some made up crap in your head. Now, my answer is going to be designed to enforce with you that your question is useless or even antagonistic in nature and I don't have time for meaningless comparisons between some image you have of yourself and how you imagine I think of my ex. Really, I don't have a lot of tolerance for these kinds of questions. The first time a girl asks, I will try to reinforce that I am committed to her and no one else. The second time I am asked I am going to assume that something else is wrong in the relationship and I'm going to get annoyed that you are not being straight with me.