I think my friend likes me?

I want to ask out my friend on a date we both get along really good. I feel she flirts with me in her way, she play hits me and sometimes kicks. She has given me a nickname and loves to use it. I can't drive so she goes out of her way to pick me up to hangout. We both go to college and are busy with classes, but we normaly hangout at least once a week. She told me she texts me more than her best friend. She told me a few days ago that her friends thinks she needs a boyfriend. I also asked her what kind of men are her type and she changed the subject. I want to ask her on a date but I don't want to ruin our friendship. I have been throwing her signals for a while hoping she might catch on.


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  • Can't say for sure, but it seems both of you have been sending signs for a while...
    You will only ruin the relationship if you ask, she says no and you are so upset about it you can no longer be friends. She probably won't change her attitude towards you.
    And if she says yes... Great, right? :D

    • Thanks for MHO! Hope things work out for you guys!

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  • Ask her out.


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  • Go for it you can have both friendship and she can be your girl

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