How to let him know I want to see him?

I met this guy some time ago. He Has 2 jobs but none is restricted to a fixed schedule or so. He can work whenever he wants. Plus he works in a city one hour away from mine (which is his as well originally).
So basically for this reason I have been seeing him only once a week for the short period I've known him. Basically once is not enough for me, especially while we're still dating and knowing each other better.. And all the dates we've gone out on, it was him who calls and arrange it (usually before one or 2 days but well..).
I started missing him often. And I want more than just once a week. How can I actually TELL him I want to see you more often without actually being too pushy or seeming obsessed, especially that we haven't actually defined our relationship so it would be awkward to claim my rights on him?


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  • Just ask him

    • Wouldn't that be a little too obsessed?

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