Do guys like it when you kiss them on the cheek?

I recently got a boyfriend, and it's going well! But we haven't kissed yet. He's really shy and at first he couldn't even speak properly to me. Now he's ok but is still pretty shy. Should I kiss him on the cheek first? Or do I just go in for the kill and snog his face off? Please HELP!!!


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  • song his bloody face off babe.
    im telling u the truth, if the guy is shy and u do it to him... he will always treasure u as someone who took the initiative... he will appreciate u even more... just go for the kill


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  • first of all, congrats! he's must be really lucky!
    I think you should kiss him on the cheek first. In fact, I think you should start slowly, so in the end it will be even more fun.

    Day 1- give him a hug that lasts more than 7 seconds.
    Day 2- hold his hand.
    Day 3- a kiss on the cheek.
    Day 4- touch his face lightly.
    Day 5- KISS

    That's so cute you two are in a relationship and haven't done anything yet! How old are you, if may I ask?


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  • You can't really go wrong with either one.

  • Yes yes yes. Quick kiss on the cheek little longer than a peck is perfect.


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