Asking out a guy who might have girlfriend?

So there's a guy I'm really into, and he's told me he's into me too. He's asked me out once and we had a great time together, but he has a girlfriend he's been working on breaking up with. We haven't hooked up at all and I told him I wouldn't do anything until he broke it off with her. He's admitted that he's super shy and has a hard time going after girls and hasn't asked me out again since our first time out. Im not sure if they've broken up yet or not, he keeps hinting that he wants to hang out, but won't just do it. I've never dealt with a shy guy before, how do I proceed from here? Should I ask him out again and inquire about the status of his relationship? Or just wait for him to make the move? I don't want to make myself seem too easy or available, but know that he's shy and might be afraid to make the move himself. Help!


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  • Until he actually breaks up with her, don't do it. You'll bring unnecessary drama and bad energy if you start something with this guy.

    • Buuuuut how will I know if they're broken up or not? I guess that's the root of my question, should I just ask him to happy hour or a party and ask? Or let him tell me

    • You can hang out with him, but you know he's in the process of breaking up with her. You could ask him in a nonchalant manner or during small talk; say something like " how's life going for you?"

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