This guy I've been talking to for the past years says he likes me but... he doesn't seem to want to meet me and talks about other girls. HELP?

So i've been talking to this guy, i found him in a chatroom, we got talking blah blah blah.

a few months in and i was going through a tough time and i just lost contact with everyone including him i just stopped replying to people. After I came back from this, i went back on this chatroom, in all honesty i wasn't even thinking about this guy, so imagine my surprise when i started talking to a guy, added him on kik and it turned out to be him! Coincedance or what? So again we get talking, he says he likes me, i didn't really know how i felt, i wanted to meet him before i outright said oh hey i like you. So its been almsot a year we've been talking and he says again , "i really like you" but he doesn't say "i really want to meet you, we should hang out" nothing! However at this point i actually did start to question myself and think ok maybe i do like him a little... so i jokingly said one day "i want to meet you and see if you're actually really tall" (he said he was 5'9 and im 4'11 so its tall to me ok!) he compleetly ignored me sooo... we didn't really talk about it either, about this 'relationship' so i just i dont know what the hell we are or if he even wants to be something more than friends? And now recently he saw one of the girls he asked out and said to me "what if she had said yes, i mean i wasn't expecting to see her today" and honestly this was the breaking point im literally questioning everything right now. Why am i even still talking to this guy? i dont know how to bring it up to him, i dont know if h wants something more, i dont even think he wants to meet me!!

Apologies this was more of a rant and getting it off my chest, more than it is a question. But if you guys have any advice, (if you got to the bottom that is!) It would be much appreciated! Thank you.


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  • Aww you're kinda broken-hearted. I'll tell you why all this happened, but not here.

    • LOL, where would you like to tell me then?

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    • haha ermm, no i don't think thats it. He's not going out with the girl, he was just complaining about how she basically friendzoned him so meh

    • Ι might be retarded, but here's how I think of it. You're not 100% sure what are his feelings for you. So let's call this 'x'. You know how you feel about him so lets say this is 'a'. You might not know what to do about it so let's call it 'y'. In math you would want to solve the equation to y. So you'll find what YOU can do with your data to in order to find 'x'(his feelings). Once you find out what YOU can do to find out what he feels about you, then there comes a new equation where you'll have to find out how to be together (if he likes you too).

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