Does he still like me?

This is the conversation we had today.

me: it will be a year next month..

Him: Wow thats so awesome u survived a year

Me: lol meaning?

Him: meaning you put up with me for a year, congrats babe

Me: lol shut up. I feel more sorry for you for putting up with me for that long

Him: lol, I love ya babes

Me: do you want to spend you're life with me.. Like honestly..

Him: I don't know babes, that's honest answer

Me: when I see ya we need to talk

Him: about what

Me: I'll tell ya when I see you

Him: lol you make it sound like we don't talk when we meet & cool

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  • depends how old you are, if you two are really young (20 and below to 28) guys hate talking about marriage and aren't ready to settle down until ~30 (again, depends on the guy) and only one year and asking about marriage? (I sound like a hypocrite because my ex and I literally thought we were going to get married 3 months into our relationship... young love I guess) One year is a short time if you compare it to how long you'll be together for marriage, most couples don't even propose until they've been together for at least 3.


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