He said I was very pretty. Does he like me?

Long story short, I met this guy once and he added me on fb. Since then (which was like more than 6 months ago) he's written to me on fb a couple of times. Lately, he's been asking if we could meet up and asked for my number. He then wrote to me last week and asked if I would like to take a weekend trip to his home town so he could guide me around etc.

I told him I was a bit busy at this point and that I wouldn't be able to go. Today, he then sent me a message on Whatsapp and said that "You look very pretty:)"

I told him thank you and he read my message but didn't write anything else. Does it sound like this guy might be into me and is he serious?


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  • It does sound like he's into you. Is he serious? I don't know, can't tell from what you've told us.
    It does seem like he has an interest in you, 6 months talking to someone you're not interested in doesn't happen very often, and he wants to get closer to you.
    The way to determine if he's serious will depend on how much interest he has in you as a person, and not just your body.

    • That's definitely true!

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