I stared at her but her FRIEND started liking me instead? Help?

I am using my friend's account.. So I thought the girl (let's call her Kelly) sitting kind of infront of me was very pretty so I was staring at her. Our class has a group work every day so her close friend (Tracy) who sits infront of her turns around to work with Kelly.. and when I was staring at Kelly, Tracy saw me stare (she was turned around) and thought I was staring at her. So Tracy told Kelly that how I've been staring at her (Tracy) all the time and I think Tracy likes me... What should I do?


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  • tell her what's up, yo! if she isn't the girl you intended to look at, or whatev's then tell her "Nah, girl!! it ain't fo you!!!" lolz, don't be so blunt about it, but that's what i'd do...