Getting mixed signals from a girl?

So I met this girl today and we started talking (we met through working at the same place) and after a while. She suddenly came up to me and softly grabbed my arm and stroked it for no reason. I didn't think much of it at first until we went upstairs and it was dark and scary like. We explored up there and when we started getting into the dark are she grabbed my arm. ( like a bride grabs the groom) Then she said something like "I'm scared" she didn't let go until we got back to the work area. Around thirty minutes later she grabbed my arm again on our way to grab a sandwhich. And at different times afterwards too. I was fine with this until I heard that she has a boyfriend. So my question is. Is she flirting with me? Or just being friendly? Sorry for the long story, I just wanted to make sure to give all the information.


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  • Some people are just more physically expressive. They don't necessarily mean anything flirty by it. One of my cousins does this, she will literally pull you into another room, put her hand on your knee when she's talking, hug or like hit your arm when she's annoyed. Nothing violent just the way she expresses herself.


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