I've had a crush on a guy for a couple of months but I barely know him?

I've had a crush on this guys since my junior year of high school. I've only seen him around the halls and never had class with him. I'm now 3 months into my senior year and I have two classes with him and I've talked to him a couple of times but nothing really much. My friend has said he looks at me a lot and she said he told her I was hilarious. I really like him and I want to do something about it but everytime I talk to him I get complete word vomit and embarass myself. There's this college fair I told him about that seniors can get out of school excused if they went. I want to use that as an excuse to get his number and hangout. But, how do I go by that? I'm not exactly shy, but like I said, he gives me word vomit. Any advice?


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  • You'll have to face it. Think that if you don't do it you'll regret later for something you could've done. Don't lose your chances, you may not have them again. This is personal experience, today I wish I had done things I could but I didn't. This is the worst kind of regret and you'll feel even worse when you realize you tried to do nothing.

    So, accept that being nervous is normal and think that it's not as bad as it seems. Go ahead and good luck.


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