Does this guy like me or what?

So, I have a crush on a guy, but the problem is that i'm not sure if he feels the same way or not.
I met him when we were preteens and we... didn't exactly get along with each other back then. At that time I liked another guy and also one of his friends liked me (not the same person), so he was mean to both myself and his friend. But he always tried to hang out with me and my friends and went to camp with me and my cousin (they were friends), and he always teased me. One time, he squirted water guns with his friends at me, though he stopped when he saw that I was getting cold and stared at my boobs. He also told me that he was learning sex ed in his class, I thought it was to tease me that I wasn't learning it at the time. However, I kind of thought he hated me so I blew up at him and yelled that I hated him. He took it pretty hard and we had one last interaction where he told me that he was going to junior high, and I brushed it off.
We haven't spoken or seen each other for ten years since that time. We met again a month ago and I have a crush on him. When I was with my grandpa and we saw my crush (he's now a machenic), my grandpa asked him to take a look at his car for something, and even though he was with his friends and changing his tires at the time, he got up from under his car and went to help him. He even blushed when he saw me. He helped my grandpa twice with his car and remembered a small detail about me. He also stares at me a lot and he goes out to 'fix' his car daily when he thinks he's going to see me. He even offered a cigarette to my grandpa when he asked him for one even though he only had a couple left. Also, one time when I went to get something from my car, he was in the parking lot and stared at me when I took something from the car. He nodded hello and quickly went to leave (his friend passed us by before that). Today, he stared at me from his window (he always does this), but also his family went to the balcony and stared too with him.

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Also, the problem is that our families also don't exactly like each other and had a verbal fight before. >_>'
Can someone please help me with this? I'm very confused since he's a shy guy and I don't really know what i'm supposed to do.


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  • Yes!! this guy likes you! a guy wouldn't look at a girl so much if he wasn't interested unless he is a creep, I think you guys should go out on a date or hang out and see where the night takes you, and try to bring up the memories you guys shared and see what he says or feels. I think you guys need to talk about your feelings, because to me it seems like you both like each other but no communication. good luck! message me if you have any further questions

    • and if you both truly like each other and it pursues than I think both families should support you and him even though there was an argument. my opinion anyways.

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