Girls, Why do Indian/ Middle- Eastern guys get a lot of hate by girls?

In generai girls don't even like them looking at them? They are like outlaws.


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  • As a middle eastern girl I'm going to answer this as truthfully as I can.
    Starting with the Indian hate reasoning.
    Every time I go to walk to the gym I have at least two Indian men whoop at me and scream at me and cat call me from their cars or shops. I'm not walking around in a crop top it's decent and modest sportswear. That's where my turn off has come from. Also, every person has their racial preferences and not to be offensive but I don't know many people who have a direct racial preference for indians unless they are indians themselves. I'm not saying that all indians are ugly perves because I'd be wrong. I know a whole lot of awesome indians and a few good lookers. It's kind of what your culture defines as attractive. You know how Asians go psychotic over those k-pop stars and you're looking at these singers wondering why the hell people find them insanely attractive? It's cultural attraction. My turn off is that the majority of indian men I run into in public are either staring me down, perving, stalking or trying to hit me with their car. Everyone's cultural experiences are different.
    As for the Arabs.
    As an Arab myself I've gotta say Arab guys can be incredibly physically attractive to me but to my australian friend the guy would look like Mr Bean. Racial preferences and cultural attraction, what youve seen around you all your life is what you will be partial to. Arab guys can be incredibly rude and scary in public, even more so than indian pervs. Arabs are more bold and partial to just taking whatever the hell they want. They generally aren't up for romancing and not interested any details other than the detail on your panties. AGAIN im talking about the bad side of these cultures and WHY they can be turn offs and are avoided by aussies and americans and more of the tame cultures. I'm not saying they are all like this but I'm isolating the bad and bringin it to light.

    • Thanks :) I liked your comment very much !! But the thing is white themselves and latinos, blacks or Asians have a lot guys who are perverts and are very aggressive to have one-night stands and down-right stare at them.

      So why would your Australian friend find Arab guys like "Mr Bean " ? Is it looks or something in the culture?

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    • I wasn't turned off by him but the second guy had the little bit of extra confidence to go for him.

    • No wonder I see shy guys having a hard time to get girls !!