Non-Black Girls, Black Men or White Men?

Question is simple & I only want votes and replies from non-Black women ONLY. This is not a racist question, just a query for opinions and, hopefully for some, a call to do some soul searching in regard to what they truly want out of life. I already know that most Black Women are faithful to us for the most part, so their opinions I'm not interested in.

I want to know, if choosing between a Black Man and a White Man, who would you pick?

We all know that by and large Black Men are the most desirable race of man in the modern age, no matter where they go these days, they can get any girl they want.

Reasons to roll w/ Black Men- Taller, More Athletic, Deeper History, More Intelligent, Better Lovers, Bigger Endowments, Knows How to Treat a Woman, More Soulful, More Artistic, Better Dancers, Outgoing, Deeper/Cooler Sounding Voices, Confident, Charismatic... Modern Day Kings.

Reasons to stick w/ White Men- Status, Privilege & "similar background"... that's it. If you want a BMW and a loft in Beverly Hills, then stick with YT. Money is all they have to offer, many of the women I've been with have told me that relationships w/ white men are often cold and unfruitful outside of lavish gifts. All they truly have going for them is Privilege and that's going away really soon.

In a nutshell, who would you rather be with, ride with and let be your man- A True Human Being or a walking ATM?

Many White Girls, Asian Girls and Latinas have seen the light. Have you?

IF, however, you have chosen White Men, I want to know why. What is it about White Men that makes you want to stay.

Again, I'm not being racist, I just want a query of answers and opinions.

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I'm a Girl
Ladies I'm truly sorry, I know I must've struck a nerve and came off as a bigot but understand that I was really mad when I typed this.

I had an Incident that happened to me tonight, I've been friends with this Japanese girl who works at the mall, a college student who's total model material and I have this huge crush on her, but tonight I took a blow t my self-esteem... she introduced me to her Fiance, he's White and 7 years older than she is.


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  • Whichever one you're not.


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  • Oh gee, let me guess... you're black.

  • "This is not a racist question..."

    "Again, I'm not being racist..."

    Are you sure?

  • You may not be trying to be racist but clearly it's a racially loaded question. I have never been out with a black man but not one single black man has ever asked me out. All my boyfriends have been English except for one Chinese student also living in the UK and one Australian. I would enter a relationship with a black guy, or any other race, provided I like the person. I really can't see how you can label by race like this and maybe you need to get out and see the world :)

  • skin color means nothing

  • Did you write another question quite similar to this?

    This has got to be the most racist thing I've read in quite a while.

  • Wow, you repeatedly mentioned that you weren't trying to be racist, yet your entire question is racist. Your whole entire question is full of stereotypes.

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