How do I get this guy to open up to me again?

I started texting this guy over the summer. I really liked him as a person and thought he was so sweet but my heart was in another place. I had been attached to this other guy for a long time who I couldn't get off my mind. (Let's call him Joe) Joe never tried to start a relationship with me but I still couldn't get over him. After a few days of texting this other guy who seemed to like me very very much (let's call him Mark) I started thinking about Joe and felt like I couldn't just date someone else and let go of him. So I distanced myself from Mark. I started giving him very short answers while texting him and stopped liking his pictures on Instagram. I think I must've hurt his feelings because mark stopped texting me. When we got back from summer vacation, i started crushing really hard on Mark but I think he is still hurt from the way I treated him over the summer. He is polite and always says hello but never like he used to. I tried texting him again but the conversations weren't as interesting or personal. I really like Mark now and I feel like I ruined everything. Is there any chance to get him to trust me and open up to me again? Or should I move on?


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