How long should you wait before dating someone else after a break-up?

Hypothetically or if its happened to you, if you dated someone for say 5 years, and you decided to end it amicably, how long do you think is enough time before you start dating (not just screwing around with) someone else?

  • The minute the break-up happens, everything is fair game.
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  • I'd probably wait about a month, and then start looking/dating.
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  • I would need at least 3 months just to get the other person out of my system.
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  • Five years is a long time, I'd probably need six months to let go of the old and be able to fully date someone new.
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  • I'd need longer then 6 months before I could move on since we dated for so long.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • As quickly as you feel comfortable with.

    I would probably need two weeks to get over it, but it depends on how peaceful the breakup was. If my boyfriend and I simply split up peacefully becauase we decided we weren't compatible, then I could probably be ready for dating right away. If it ended with a fight, then I'd need a week or two.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I didn't vote, because itvaries with every person. Some can move on a lot faster than others. ANd of course, a rebound is never a good idea.

    Just remember this. You should ONLY date again when you are COMPLETELY over your ex, irrespective of the itime it takes. Otherwise, it would be unfair to you and even more iunfair to the person you date.

  • Well if it ended amicably and there's no hard feelings between people, it is generally easier to get over. It isn't like things ended horribly or anything. Either way, I think the correct time to put yourself out there is whenever you are ready. Don't put a time period on it. If you feel ready then go for it but if you don't then take all the time you need to move on. You don't want to spend more time than you need but definitely don't go out there when you're not ready. I think you just know when it feels right.

  • Girls, have an easier time getting people out of their system. Take weeks or months to recover then go again.

    For guys, it's almost part of the recovering process. Within a couple weeks or so would be a good time, but given the difficultly being a guy adds to that makes it a challenge, a guy should start asap. A guy doesn't usually feel a break-up as intensely at first, he needs to find someone new before the weight crushes him.

    Voted B, probably should have said A. It's different for girls and guys.


What Girls Said 1

  • I voted before reading the details but if it was 5 years 3 months is the shortest i'd wait as that sounds like a serious relationship

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