Girls, How do I casually (without seeming needy, desperate, etc) hint at liking a girl via text?

I will occasionally text this girl and I don't want to become friend zoned, but I also don't want to come off too strong...


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  • Hint at it but don't say fluffy shit like "you are beautiful" when you're talking about cornflakes. She'll get it eventually just make sure that she's responding to your flirting well. A guy texted me saying that he saved all of my profile pictures and described them all to me in explicit detail "the one where your hair is a light brown and parted slightly to the left and you face is angle to the right a little, etc"
    yeah... not nice. Then kept going on about how he thought I was pretty while I was talking about terminator.
    Don't be too strong about it and give her chances to opt out. The ball is in her court, you flirt subtly and only continue boldly when she shows very clear signs of flirting back with you. From there on things should kind of fall into place just try not to force it otherwise she WILL push you away.

  • Tell her clearly how you feel.

    • That seems too strong?

    • Give her hints. Don't say it in a rush. Take it slowly until she understands.