If someone is nice and on paper a great match, but you don't feel intense passion, should you break it off or see if it builds?

So this is my friend's question, he's a guy... this is what he said : " Well I met her on OkCupid with a high rating so I figured we would get along. We met three times, sort of doing that Netflix and Chill thing. She is a virgin and we haven't had sex but we have hooked up each time we met. Last time we met we had a great talk late at night where we had a lot in common and talked for hours. So we have stuff in common, we find each other attractive, but I just don't know, Like I don't feel that spark I guess even though I like her."


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  • Just my opinion, but "on paper" means absolutely nothing. To me, you either feel it or you don't, and in the end, there's no real reason why. So saying that this person has x, y, z qualities, so we SHOULD be a great match doesn't mean you will be. Sometimes, it's the completely unlikely pairings that are the ones that work, all because they've got that spark.

    • My friend said : "That's how I feel too! Like one time I met this girl and we just clicked like the chemistry was something I never felt before I wanted to be next to her and smell her and feel her and now that is the standard to me of good chemistry"

    • Exactly. And it seems to happen for no definite reason, at least not that you can see. It just does or it doesn't. Either way, if it doesn't happen, don't bother, 'cuz its just no good without it.

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  • He should see if it builds but absolutely not take her virginity if he doesn't plan to stick around. That would be mean.