He wants to take a break after he said he wanted me in his life. What went wrong?

He dropped a huge secret on me that he is married but in the middle of a divorce. He kept trying to plead his case telling me he loved me and wanted me in his life and didn't want to lose me. Last week he text me im with my wife right now so i question our relationship. He stated the he doesn't want be with his ex and has no plans on going back but her father died. He text me gm tday. I said it back. Later in the mrn i told him i love he said it back. Around 9pm i asked if he was busy didn't respond i asked u ok and nothing. I text him nevermind night. He replied i told you my father in law passed away lets take a break from each other. I told him i was only trying to see how you are feeling. He still said lets take a break. I told him you begged me not to give up on you and how you wanted me in your life now its so easy for to say lets take a break. I text him that i wanted to end it completely. I want to understand what went wrong in less than an hour. Help?


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  • There's a conflict in his mind. Personally, I agree with the gal below who says he's still bangin' his wife. However, I don't know that for a fact.

    So... best case... just assume that there is some kind of conflict in his mind that he needs to work out and give him some space.

    A little tactical advice here. It's not sexy for a woman to look desperate by calling and texting a dude repeatedly. You're the female - play hard to get. When he says... "Take a Break" ... you should TAKE ONE HELLUVA BREAK...

    As in...

    Book a trip to the Bahamas and forget the guy until he calls you back begging you on his knees.

    Which I'm sure he'll do.

    Though I'm not so certain this guy is such a great catch for you!

    • I don't think there is any conflict. He said he was ready for a new relationship. Feel he's just an Asshole. Exspcialy after he begged me when he told me.

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  • he's still bangin his wife.