Is this guy worth my heart?

Been dating a guy I've known most of my life this past 3 months, first while was great but then I noticed his lifestyle is so free-spirited, he is off work indefinitely cause of a surgery he had, he doesn't drive, plays xbox and watches movies most of the day, he told me he was taking me out for dinner, I got dressed up and got a sitter, he took me to Ben and Jerry's for a cup of tea, I never raise a fuss but felt hurt. I have kids and he can't stay in my mines long before he becomes stressed and needs to leave, I pick him up and leave him home, sometimes I'm so tired. We had an argument on Wed because I assumed we would be together on new years Eve, he said he always goes to the bar and it was important to him to be with his friends, my mother died in April so Im dreading new years eve. We didn't speak and he left for a bachelor weekend on Fri, early hours of sat he messaged could we talk when we gets back, I said yes, he apologised and we said goodnight, I initiated contact yesterday at 3pm, we exchanged a few messages and that was it, it's been nearly 15 hours since he's even texted. I just don't know if I can have a relationship like this, we are both in our 30's. He borrowed money to go to the bachelor party, I don't know if he wants to still talk and whether I even do. So confused

Just an update, I messaged this man and asked him not to contact me again, I just can't live this life, feeling somewhere between being relieved and slightly adrift, I genuinely loved him.


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  • Complete waste of your time. If he can't handle the stress of your kids how could your relationship ever go anywhere?

    • Thanks leahcha, in wholehearted agreement with you

    • I have a child and in selecting men to date that is my one must. Must be a good role model and get along with my son. If not deal breaker! I know it can be lonely as a single parent but I think if I am spending time with men I know aren't the one. It is keeping me from finding a life partner.

    • You have totally the right idea, I'm going to do the same. This relationship is severely imbalanced, this man is like my dependent, not my partner. At the end of the day, we all want someone to be devoted to us.

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  • This guy says he's going to take you out for dinner and the buys you a tea. You drive, you give him money and new years he doesn't invite you to be with his friends. Honestly you are his lowest priority and useful only as a convenience.

    • I think so too Brian, the fact he has made little contact all weekend says so much, thank-you for your opinion

  • Many women go through the "dating a jobless loser" phase and come out of it so damaged they are only willing to date rich guys. Be careful; there is a big diff between rich and jobless loser.

    • Thankyou, I feel that this relationship has the potential to damage me

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    • Thankyou so much, what does dropping the ball mean? I'm Irish lol

    • "Dropping the ball" is a term that derives from sports. It means "not following through with meeting your commitments or potential."

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