Girls, what's your guy supposed to do when a stranger comes up and bothers both of you?

When I'm with a girl out in public, I've had male strangers say very disrespectful things like "Hell yeah, you two are getting laid tonight!" Or, "What the hell is a hot chick like you doing with a guy like him!" "C'mon back here honey, leave that guy!"


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  • Ignore it. If she's with you its for a reason.


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  • Just pull her close to you and keep moving. Make her feel safe. If you confront the guys you're putting yourself in their same level, a low level. If you keep walking you demonstrate you're a grown man who knows how to not get involved with stupid immature behavior.

    If the guy tries to touch her then that's a different story, in that case you do have to confront him.


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  • I'd prefer if he just ignored the guys making such comments. They're obviously having trouble thinking clearly so however he responds, nothing good will come of it. More than likely it'll just result in the guy starting some shit. Just ignore 'em. Take it as a compliment and carry on walking away from them.

    • I agree. Typically this happens when the asshole is with two or more friends who will have his back.

  • Just ignore and move along.

  • ignore please, no matcho b. s. required!!!


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