Girls, has she suddenly lost all interest in me, is she affected by all the stress she's currently under, or is she afraid of getting feelings for me?

Backstory: I've been dating this girl that I really like for a month, and things have been great. We're both students at the same university, but in different courses. As I said things have been great, right up untill yesterday (saturday) when we met at a party. I felt like she was avoiding me, and when I got to talk to her everything was incredibly weird, which it usually isn't. We were both quite intoxicated at that point, so I left it at that, and ended up leaving the party. When I messaged her today this is how the conversation went:

I don't know why things went the way they did yesterday, because that's not the way I'm used to talking to you at all. If I've done something to upset you I'd really like to know where I messed up, because how things were yesterday was not how we left things after we went to the beach on Tuesday. I hope you had a good night overall and got home safe

Its all a bit blurry tbh. You haven't done anything to upset me, I think I just need some space to sort myself out

I don't get what made you change your mind about me so quickly as I thought we were in a good place, right up untill yesterday.. Just to be clear, by "I need some space" you mean "don't contact me anymore"?

Its not you, I really haven't been with anyone in a very long time and it just seems a bit intense at the moment. I'm not asking you not to contact me I just need a little time right now if thats ok?

I haven't been with anyone either in a long time, and I'm sorry if I've come on too strong. Of course it's okay, I'll keep my distance for a while. Just know that I'm a Sarah-fan

Thanks :) I appreciate it

We're both involved in fairly busy courses, and exams are in 2 weeks. She is normally quite stressed about all the work she has to get done, so the fact that exams are approaching might contribute to this situation. In a month we're parting ways as we both are overseas students and are going home for holidays. This means that we won't see each other for 3,5 months.

What do you think? Has she just suddenly lost all interest in me, is she affected by all the stress she's currently under, or is she afraid of getting feelings for me and/or committing?

So I've bumped into her twice in the last week, and it's like nothing ever happened. She's just as easy to talk to as I'm used to! I'm quite confused now as I'm not sure what she is really thinking about me and how I should proceed. It's been a week of "space" now, and I'm wondering if I should talk to her or not.

Thoughts, anybody?
Well! Interesting turn of events. Turns out she never wanted a relationship and just wanted to be "friends". I wonder if it's normal to sleep with your friends on several occations.


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  • Why you not be patient and see how?
    just keep it as natural as possible..
    don't be so desperate..

    is she quite straight forward person?
    if yes, then nothing wrong with you..

    just give her a space, but don't let her go at all!!
    at least say hi or text her with how are you, etc..
    maybe she had another problem, school, family, society, etc..
    if not i will say maybe she in PMS..

    • She is a straight forward person actually. Of course I'll give her the space she needs, I just wish she was a bit more clear with what she needs/wants, as well as why. If she would tell me that she's afraid of committing I'd be fine with it, because then I know what the problem is and we can work on it. The way things are now I have no idea if she still likes me or not.

      And for how long does she need the "space"? Does it mean that I shouldn't message her for a week? Two weeks? A month? I can't really wait for too long since we both leave for holidays as I said and I don't want to "waste" time by sitting on my hands..

    • Then there is no problem with you..
      She just confused with her mind maybe..

      For how long is that, that's could be a few days only..
      and you can start a normal conversationwith her..
      but if you find this still doesn't work, then you need to talk to her..

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