Does he want to kiss me but is shy?

So I have found a lovely gentleman. Nothing like the guys I met in the past. They have either wanted sex too soon or been totally disrespectful an not romantic at all.

He has not even mentioned sex or tried to touch me in a rude way. I think he is attracted to me but does not want to come across the wrong way.

He is so sweet takes me on great dates. Wants to make sure I have a good time an really looks after me. I could not find a better guy so I am totally content.

We went to a restaurant then to the cinema last night. An we do really glare into each others eyes an I get so nervous cus I really fancy him. There's so many moments when I feel so connected when we turn to look at each other.

Guess there's just not been a time to kiss but I know we will eventually. He is a laid back guy an I guess I'm so used to mr all over me but I know those type of guys do not treat me amazingly.

So I know I have picked a better guy. We been out twice but I already feel like he is my boyfriend. We talked for few weeks before meeting. An we talk like morning through to evening at certain times throughout the day.

So already we communicate very often like a couple would. We have not had the talk an I will not rush it as it is going great an he had impressed me a lot.

I realised in the past I jumped in too quick without knowing a guys intentions so I am happy to go slow even though I see he's a wonderful person with respect and care for me.


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  • He is probably too shy, you should take initiative, some guys prefer self-confident girls :)

    • Thanks things have changed slightly could you see my new question. Guess he's no longer interested 😔

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    • It's ok thanks very much for answering

    • An yeah he is the shy type an bit quiet but I can be too but I have had to be louder to help him open up

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  • If you are ready to kiss him and he's not taking the hint it's possible he's either asexual or homosexual. Polite is great, but make sure he's not dead.


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