If a guy you barely know and seems interested in you says he's angry and then you say sorry and he replies i'm just kidding I never get mad what does?

What does it mean if a guy you barely know says he's angry at something i told him and then i said sorry and he replied i'm kidding i never get mad


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  • It means he knows nothing about how to have a conversation with a girl.

    • Well he gave me a copy book and i returned his copybook after i made a copy of it and then he said why did you return it i gave it as a gift i said thank you after that he said next time you won't find me and no one will gave you his copy book i said to him i know someone would give me his copy book and then he said oh you want to get others copybook go find someone else i said even if i faind someone i won't find someone as nice as you after that he said oh i'm angry now i said seriously you're loghing he said what do you think? I said your loghing he said no i said i'sorry then he answered seriously with an emoji loghing and then he said i never get angry what do you think is he loghing at me or interested in me?

    • What I think is that he's a weird guy. Or he could have asperger's or something.

    • Hahaha

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