Guys, Why don't I get much male attention?

Okay firstly I think I'm fairly attractive, I'm 5'8 with medium dark brown hair and blue eyes, I'm a size 8 (UK) and Have relatively good health but I don't get much male attention. A lot of my friends who I think are a little less attractive (I'm not saying they're ugly) get Wayyyy more attention from guys wether it's going out with them or just flirting. I'm quite shy and wondered if that had anything do do with it although recently have become more talkative, do I need to make myself more approachable? My previous boyfriend and I met through friends but that day I was in a really good mood and at the time in a happy place, we only talked a bit but I was more 'care free' than usual. As we got to know each other more I carried on just being me and that happy. However, when we started going out I noticed I was less happy and almost found it a chore to talk to him i don't know why though? He was a really nice guy :// Do you think I'm just not approachable and that is why I usually don't get male attention or is it something else? I forgot to say I do get 'hit on' out in public but never really by guys who want to be in a relationship, like they never actually 'fancy' me.


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  • Guys your age tend to be shy, and older guys can't be with you because it's illegal, so that's basically it. Your girl friends just got lucky, but I'm pretty sure getting a lot of male attention isn't what usually happens to a 15-year-old. And how do you know those who hit on you in public don't fancy you?

  • Hey gorgeous,
    As you said you are attractive so this might be a reason why guys don't approach you cause they might think that you're out of their league...
    Now wait let me approach you :
    I'm single
    I don't know if I wanna mingle
    LOL 😁