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I was dating a guy for a while and we seemed to be getting along so well & always had a great time on our dates (he always told me this) & talked about almost everything & anything to do with our lives. He was so nice & treated me well (I obviously did the same in return). On one particular date he talked about his love of camping & when I said I'd never been he asked me to go with him the following Friday, We had a great time & he told me he really liked me & enjoyed spending time with me. We also met up with friends on the Saturday (my friends are also friends with him) & I stayed over at his that night. He took me out for breakfast on the Sunday & we then spent the rest of the day watching films & talking about everything from childhood events to strange things we like to eat! He even talked about places we were going to go in the future (restaurants, holidays etc he brought up those subjects) then on the Monday he out of the blue ending things! He also said he really does like me but he's maybe just not ready for a relationship just now as he's still enjoying me time (he was in a 7 year relationship but they split up well over a year ago). I always encouraged him to meet up with friends etc & we both texted each other equally as much & I always got sweet thoughtfull texts throughout the day to let me know he was thinking of me. I am so confused by all this and I don't know if I should wait & see if he changes his mind or just walk away- I haven't contacted him since he ended things but still have him as a friend on my facebook page. What should I do this has me so confused - I was happy just going with the flow & not rushing into anything as I was badly hurt in my last relationship (he knew as he asked me about my ex & said he'd never treat me that way)


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  • Yeah, a very similar thing happened to me. Guys are just idiots, he probably got scared and thought things were moving too fast and fled like a deer. Thats just how men are. He probably won't come back, so you'll just have to realise that it's his loss. If he wants to throw away a good thing because he's too much of a commitment phobe to continue things, that realise that that is HIS issue not yours. Although I know it hurts a lot.

    What other people said to me about where I went wrong was that I made myself too available. Like your story sounds like, you guys did A LOT of stuff together really quickly, like before you were in a relationship. While it seems to make sense to do that, a lot of guys told me that he thought he instantly had you, and guys like the chase. So you have to say no sometimes when they offer to take you out so they don't always get what they want every single time they ask for it.
    At least, this is the advice I was given by men.

    • Thanks for the advice its much appreciated! He was totally different from the type of guy I would normally go for as well but I really liked him because of how nice he was & how he treated me. Hopefully he will realise what a mistake he has made & that I won't go back to him again x

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    • It would take A LOT of hard work on his part for me to go back there again! But I really don't think he will come back so onwards & upwards to the next person

    • Definitely the best way to think about it! :)

  • Leave it. He may be doing the standard pull back men do when they sense they have won the chase. Don't contact him and he may come running again

    • Thank you! I haven't contacted him at all since this happened & very much doubt he will contact me either. I was just so confused as to how someone can say/do all the things he did then change his mind totally out of the blue