Was he playing games?

This guy used to read all my text messages, sometimes he would respond, sometimes he would purposely read it and then dismiss it, and i said you can play this game alone and he said i will goodbye. Was he playing games? why not delete my number or block me? its not like he found it annoying, its like he wanted to see me angry, he liked my sympathy for him it gave him a rush he said.


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  • Sounds like push and pull to me. What's the whole situation tho? Pay no heed to him, or lesser attention will do. It's because you're overly mindful of him that he gets to play around with you. And why I can say this? Because I've actually experienced it.

    • i blocked him and decleared him dead in my eyes. he just said ok

    • I'm gonna be blunt. He said ok just to fuck with your feelings. Ignore him gurl. Who knows, maybe in a month or so he'll come looking for you (if he's bored?)

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  • Why were you sympathetic towards him?

    • i wasn't just hadn't blocked him

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    • To answer your question... Yea, he was most likely playin games to get a reaction outta you... insecure men rely on this method to better enable their security of knowing you care. They'll play their little games to ensure interest, if you refuse to play, then they assume you're not interested

    • Thing is tho... if your not interested still, why ask this question? Does it really matter? If you're done...