I gave my boyfriend a key any chance I'm getting it back?

My boyfriend is staying with me for a few days and since we are coming and going at different times I left a key. Now I realize that 'he has a key'.

I I guess it isn't a bad idea it's good for someone to have an extra key in case I ever lost mine but I've always lived alone so it is kinda weird.


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  • Don't really know what you are asking. Are you afraid that he will refuse to return it when he leaves?

    • If I asked for it he would give it to me but I guess I just realized there really isn't a need for him to give it back. I guess I'm just wondering out loud at what point couples usually feel comfortable giving the other a key.

    • If you are that close and trusting, then sure. And you should probably have a key to his place.

    • Thank you for MHGuy :-)

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  • He'll probably return it when those "few days" come to an end

  • Are you sure you just don't completely trust him

    • No I don't think that's it I've always just been private in general. My mother digs through my things when she visits so I think that is why I don't like people here when I'm not here. He's the only boyfriend I've ever given a key to.

    • Boot your mom out for digging threw your stuff

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