I guess I should just let it go?

Perhaps I'm overreacting but I can't let it go. I used to be dating a guy for a couple of months then I'm not sure what happened or what made us change but we just started talking less, in the end he would only reach out for me late just like I was a booty call girl after I slept with him. I did not like the way I was treated so I told him that I can't put up with this which he seemed completely fine with. I actually told him that I was catching feelings even though I've always had feelings for him but he didn't say anything other than okay. I didn't ask or argue I just left, he then tried to make me jealous. He is still nice to me in person though, gets jealous and I have caught him staring right at me from distance but then looks away a couple of times.. But he is a womanizer and everyone knows that. I'm not the type who falls in love but it is the first time it breaks my heart to just look at someone. We had really good times together, he liked me at one point but he sort of knows how I feel so I guess there isn't anything to do about it. I mean if he wanted to be with me he would've made a move.


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  • Try to settle it down all once! Get him at his house or yours.. kiss him nd tell him you love him nd that you want him to be only yours.. If he changes.. Good luck.. If he doesn't change.. Let him go


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