Help! Am I being a pest. Do men slow down texting after a while?

I've been texting a guy I met online for about 5 months now. We live quite far apart so this is all we've been able to do as we work all week too. We are due to meet up very soon though which I'm really excited about.
What I want to know is: do men go through phases of not really wanting to text the girl they're talking to? He's usually full of charming chat and things but for the last week he's been a bit hot and cold. Sometimes it's like he can't really be bothered talking to me and avoids reading my message whereas other times he can't talk enough. We exchange pictures too which is quite fun but he hasn't really said a lot about them either. I know men don't really like texting/messaging that much but he is always online and I don't want to be a pest. We usually chat everyday. I also want to ring him but we haven't talked on the phone yet and I don't know how to go about it without looking weird. Should I ask him if everything's ok or is this normal for guys?


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  • We do go through rough patches. He may have a rough week at work. He may be sick, or busy with friends or family. If the coldness continues and doesn't explain why, I would say he met someone else where he lives and is brushing you off.

  • Maybe he just doesn't have anything to say at that moment? Sometimes, after a while, younfeel like you have told each other everything and you have nothing new to talk about. You are just waiting for something to happen so you can talk about it...

    • Thank you. That gave me peace of mind.

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    • I was thinking of just saying something like "is everything ok because you've not really been your usual charming chatty self this week?" I don't want to scare him off by being too serious.

    • That's great ! It doesn't need to be dramatic, you just want to know what's going on...

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