If you were dating/in a relationship with me.. What do you think would be my flaws?

Anyway I've been learning to be more assertive lately and meeting new people. I always want to correct any flaws I have and to become a better person. I may be in a position to be dating someone soon so I want to see if there's anything I can improve on.

For those who recognize me.. What do you think my flaws are? What do you think I'd be lacking in when it comes to being in a relationship? How can I be a better me?

Challenge me to be better G@G!


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  • Honestly, I really can't think of anything about you that I would consider to be a "flaw." You're very intelligent and it seems like you're easygoing and a great guy, overall. That being said, I feel like we only know you online. Sometimes people are slightly different in person. I mean, there may be traits or aspects about you in person that aren't visible to us on here. Lol If that makes any sense.

    But, from what I know about you, I think you're a great catch. I've seen you talking some about a girl you may be interested in, and I'm rooting for your success. Haha! :)

    • Yeah in person I'm probably a little more shy and awkward. The internet is anonymous so I can be as outgoing as possible and nobody really knows me so it's cool. I think if I have a weakness it's my ability to be overwhelmed and my need for too much personal space. I think it can push people away sometimes.

      Yeah I have been into someone and I've never been the assertive approacher before. She's not bold like the type of women who usually approach me. I feel like if anything will move forward it will be me who does it. My comfort zone is being tested lol

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    • I will next Thursday when we have class together.

      Thanks for answering this when nobody else has lol

    • Haha of course, hopefully you'll get some more answers. Best of luck. I hope it goes well :)

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  • I've seen you around via questions, answers, political questions, what not. I followed you because you seemed like an interesting person.

    I can't picture myself dating you or something like that, but...
    From what I've seen, you don't have any apparent flaws that stick completely out on here. Like you mentioned something about being shy and awkward, but at least on here, you seem to be fine. Granted, this is in fact the internet so you could be almost like me in real life-- shy at first but much better once you feel comfortable around the person.

    In any case, you seem like a good guy-- extremely badass voice (seriously though-- girls I know that have heard it on here LOVE it), confident in yourself (something many struggle with) but not arrogant, physically you'll have no problems with girls, and you are smart and intriguing...
    Dude, I think you are fine. There is nothing that sticks out to me as something to correct. From what I can tell, many girls love shyness, or rather being able to think before you speak, so you are good there. As long as you are confident and assertive enough to pursue what you want to pursue instead of being TOO shy, I think you are just fine as it is :)


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  • media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4arxyjQxZ1qdkrll.jpg

    You know everyone on here adores you.

    • lol doesn't mean I don't have shortcomings.

    • Make them more obvious, and then the GaG community can get a bigger picture.

    • Hmm I guess I'll have to ask different questions centering on that. Thanks :)

    and then 2 months later be like "oh sorry I fell asleep"

    • LMAO! lumos you always know how to make me laugh. I couldn't ignore you that long, my friend. I'd get back to you as soon as I woke up I swear ;P

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    • That's true even if I'm kidding it could be unbearable at times. Thanks for helping me grow lumos

    • Anytime 😇

  • Well you're really tall so my neck might get sore and you also haven't conquered the world yet so follow through might suck 😉

    Seriously though you're cute, funny, intelligent and kind. What else mattrs?

    • Lol I guess you're right. And yeah the world isn't mine yet but it will be ;)

      Thanks Belle

  • It is difficult to say, since I would have to be around you in person. But so far, I really don't see any shortcomings. Just be you, be positive and you'll be fine. :)


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  • Well, I've noticed most women on GAG seem to think very highly of you, but you are somewhat reluctant to agree with them.

    I seem to recall you mentioning that you have doubts about yourself. Perhaps that might be something to improve upon?