Not sure if he wants to be friends, wants to hook up or something more?

I spend the night in his dorm room all the time (We're both college freshman if that makes any difference). Usually I'm dressed in panties and a big tshirt, him in just boxers. We mostly watch movies until we fall asleep, mostly innocent acts, nothing like hooking up. He does give me backrubs (over and under my shirt) and has touched my boobs and under my panties on one occassion. Don't really think it's a "friend" thing to sleep with someone of the opposite gender, especially when he spoons me and wraps his arm around my waist when we actually do start to fall asleep. He hasn't really tried to initiate a kiss or anything though which kinda throws me off.

I also don't think he wants a one time hook up though because he invites me to go to the pool/go to parties with him and his friends etc.

Last night, he wanted me to be his date to a house party. I said no and didn't go. A few hours later, he texted me saying he was so fucked up, he was back on campus and basically begged me to come take care of him. I waited an hour, but I did find him, I brought him back to his dorm room, made him some food and gave him some water. I made him go to bed and even though he wanted me to stay with him the whole night, as soon as he was finished eating and finished his water bottle and was in bed, I left.

Soo I'm just confused on what he wants. I think I'm starting to develop feelings for him, but I haven't really hung out with him and his friends because I've always been busy whenever he's asked. Any thoughts and your point of view on things would be super helpful lol.


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  • i think he wants to hook up

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