Why he didn't reply on my question?

i met this guy about 2 weeks ago. We went on 1st date, everything seemed fine, we talked much, later he told me, that he thought i didn't like him and that i woulld turn and go and he will never see me again)
In the end he asked me to meet again (if i want so), he had to go to another country for work, so i even followed him to airport.
He wrote me at whats app everyday told where he is and where he go. I answered and asked him questions too.
And at Friday he asked me "whats my plans for weekend"
i said " maybe meet sister or friends. How was your trip to another city?"
and he never answered...
it says he read it and he online, but still no answer...

why do u think he didn't answer?


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  • probably read it and was going to answer later but then forgot it