I asked her out for the first time and she said?

She said she would like to but since she has exams next week, she has to study hard so no time. Note that i met her like 4 days ago and we only talked on Facebook after we saw each other for the first time when i was with a common friend of hers. She knows i'm interested because i already told my friend to tell her that she appealed to me and my friend gave me the green light after she told her. That's how i added her on Facebook. So is she interested? Initimidated? Or just not that into me and wants to keep me for ego boost?


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  • I would have to know more, but if it were me, I would err on the side of giving her the benefit of the doubt.
    Give her the space and time that she needs for her exams, but at the same time, subtly (and that is the key) remind her that you are thinking of her, and can't wait until she has the time to spend some time with you.
    Most certainly, do not over do it. Don't get impatient or in her face about it, just send her the odd pm on Facebook, saying that you are thinking about her and where you want to take her on a date.
    If she was serious, then she will appreciate the attention, as well as the fact that you were patient and restrained yourself.
    As the saying goes "Patience is a virtue".
    Good luck to you. I hope i've helped.

    • There's almost nothing more to know about. We just had little talk on Facebook. And my friend told me that she was surprised but smiled when she told her that she appealed to me. She also gave me the okay. so i decided to add her and see where it goes.

    • Just be patient and your time to shine will come, mate.

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  • I would advise waiting until exams are over and then ask her again.

    If she still says no and doesn't try to arrange a date during a different time, she's not into you.

    General rule of thumb: if someone constantly rejects you because they "don't have time" and don't suggest another time and place themselves, they're just looking for an ego boost.

  • So, ask her again at the end of the next week. She's clearly stated that she'd like to but is busy. It's not like you got a solid no, heck you can even count this as a yes to your going out offer, but simply a no to the time of the date.