Do you think me looking so much younger than my age affects me getting into relationships?


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  • Woah, You really do look younger!! I would've guessed 17-19 :o And yes that may be the case. Would you mind dating a girl who is 20 years old or so? 🐸

    • got asked ID the other day for a bottle of wine, hehe :-) thank you for your reply people say I look around 17-19. I would not mind dating a girl who is 20 years old or so as long as we got on well. :-)

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    • Good luck and yeah bulking up a bit would surely help 😇😇

    • Thank youuu💖🐸

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  • Hey I don't look my age either...
    I don't think it has anything to do with it unless you look like a minor like I do. People have asked me and my boyfriend why we had a baby at 14... which would make us 17 now. Logic huh?
    Look at it this way, you'll still be lookin good when you're in your 50s!
    *high five


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  • If you want more experienced women who are looking for older men, yeah, it can affect you getting into relationships. That's why you should make sure that they know your actual age, given the opportunity.