Guys, Is he interested or not?

So i met a guy in the university. I could tell he liked me from the start, he behaves like a gentleman around me, he´s nice, etc. and will flirt every now and then. Some teachers and classmates of mine say it´s really obvious he is interested. Last Friday there was a huge party in our school, like all formal, etc. That night he stuck around me all night, dancing and talking.
Then yesterday he asked me out over text and i said yes, but he hadn´t set the time or place and he wouldn´t reply, so when he did, it was already too late and so i said we should better do it some other day earlier, so he was okay with it. Then i fell asleep and today i saw a text from yesterday of him asking about what i was going to do today, and i replied i would do some homework and that if we wanted to go out with me it would be nice if it was early. That was about at 11 am, no its 3 pm he has seen the text and hasnpt answered anything.
Waht´s up with him? what should i do? was i too mean? or is he simply not that into me?


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  • I mean sometimes people can be busy and don't have the time to tell what they were going to do before they do it. Try asking why it took him so long or give a hint like "Ur so late 😂" to remind him that he forgot to respond or something like that. But I think if u two feel as if u hang out enough and have interesting conversations on the phone and or outside then u should be ok if not, u might wanna up ur game or ask him what's up.

    • Well yeah maybe i will say something, the thing that threw me off so much, is that in person he seems so into me, and now he´s leaving me hanging like that

    • I feel ya. Actually my last relationship had that same problem but it was the other way around. Things became awkward even tho before we dated we acted like wernt so in truth Ur lucky it's only in text. But did u try calling him? I mean I think that's the best way to tie someone down to a conversation😂😊

    • actually replied back but after hours, and we had a convo, but still he seems so into me and then kinda cold, haha it is the best way to tie someone to a conversation but i don´t want him to feel preassured tho