Why did my guy friend tell me he has sex dreams about me (read below)?

So I confessed to my close guy friend I had feelings for him a last week.. he said he liked me too but wasn't looking for a relationship now (he just got out of a long-term relationship). I was butthurt but I agreed to stay friends. Today I texted him to apologize for confessing and making things awkward/embarrassing for both of us. He replied telling me not to apologize, and that ever since I confessed he can't stop thinking about me romantically, and that he's had multiple sex dreams about us o. O? Why would he tell me this, especially since he just wanted to stay friends (I know he's also not the type who likes casual sex)?


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  • He likes oral sex?

    • I have no idea why he told you he had a wet dream about you :/

      Maybe he like like you now

      And maybe he want you two to be a thing

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  • Just to let you know that yes he may have feelings for you, however you both want different things, he thinks of you sexually that's about it as well as has feelings, maybe he just needed to get it off his chest?