MAke a girlfriend - do's and dont's at the high school party?

I attend a single sex boarding school which English is my secondary language.
I have attended to four parties but other than the 1st one, it did not go well.
Girls, tell me the do's and dont's at the party as much as possible!
My friend who has a girlfriend says, "Just be aggressive and make out with her" (WTF)
My body shape is muscular, not fat but I am short - 5'6

I need honest tips from girls...
Please respond ASAP!



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What Girls Said 1

  • Firstly, you don't "make" a girlfriend.
    Secondly, don't listen to your friend and be aggressive.

    Main points are to be confident in yourself, smile at everyone, get involved in the group conversations, have fun, talk to the girl you're interested in and eventually get her number. Just look friendly and approachable.


What Guys Said 1

  • Just dont be the guy alone near the wall. You want to be the guy in the middle ! But make sure you actually look good before you go for it.