Is he shy uninterested? Should I avoid him like I did?

occasionaly i tend to take transit to school with this guy. he's quiet & our talks involve me doing most of the talking. If not it gets quiet and awkward. He's confusing b/c at times he avoids me & other times he smiles & comes to me on his own last week I saw him the 1st time after summer. He was with a guy friend so I didn't go near them. Him & his friend were standing in front of me - Well he turned his head around to face me so I think he knew I was there & started smiling/said hi. I smiled & said hi & went to them. He introduced his friend & they started talking to me. I was shocked he was so talkative. The next day him&his friend walked by me and stood In front & talked to eachother - the guys friend turned (I wasn't looking) & told the guy outloud im standing behind them &both of them turned and smiled/said hi to me The next day I got on the bus&saw them waiting for the nxt one - the friend looked at me. at the train station I was getting on- they came & quickly ran into my train to the other side- when we came out they both didn't turn around & I felt like they were ignoring me - yday i noticed them on my train but i didn't look at them when i came out apparently his sister was on the train with me (never talked to her b4)&she stood infront of me- when the guy& his friend came down they started talking to her a bit loudl - i just walked around them so i wouldn't have to go near them since they didn't say hi to me. we both are 20 i know this is childish but thats why i dont get him


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  • I would say that he is definitely shy; and I know from my own experiences that shyness can be devastating; but the more you are around him the more he will open up and the more comfortable he will get


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