Why am I always friendzoned?

I am pretty. I am an introvert but once people get to know me they say that I'm one of the best people they know. I genuinely want to find true love, but I am shy and a little insecure. However, I don't look insecure at all. I apparently seem pretty confident. Yes I do talk to guys. But none of them see me as anything more than a friend. Why? All my life I have had very attractive , popular best friends with really awesome personalities, I love them but sometimes can't help resenting the fact that I don't get attention because I'm nothing compared to them,
its startign to really get to me. Guys look at me as the girl they would come to if they wanted to hang out or talk about something that's bothering them, I help couples get together because i love love stories, but I so badly want to be the person who is the center of attention for once, the girl for whom some guy is going crazy for, but it does not happen. What is wrong with me?


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  • I'm going to guess it's because you're shy.

    There was a really pretty, awesome girl in my high school who hadn't gone on any dates or had a boyfriend because she was shy. A couple guys might have tried hitting on her, but she wouldn't show much interest (even though she could've been) in part because she was shy.

    No one likes rejection and with a shy girl giving zero indication of whether she's interested or not, most guys wouldn't want to risk letting her know how they feel when there could just find a girl who's more open about her feelings.

    There's probably a limited pool of guys who would go out of their way to do all the work and take all the risks in a starting a relationship, but if you are actually pretty and interesting, someone is bound to come alone eventually. You can wait for that person or try being less reserved when showing your emotions towards guys.

    There's also the chance that I read your post completely wrong and none of this applies to you at all >.> in which case don't mind me


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  • Maybe because of the way you treat them..
    you to care and give them comfort zone.. so in the end they think that you as their best friend or whatever..


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  • Maybe because you lack feminine traits which make you appear appealing so they see you more as "one of the guys" rather than being a potential love interest.

    • Can you please explain?

    • Well, a key attraction cue for men is being opposite of us. From curves to behaviour to the way you display affection.

      If you are one of the guys you obviously aren't too opposite of us and thus while there might be physical attraction, it is not backed up by anything else.

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