What else can I do about my booty?

I know this is generalizing, but most of the guys I've dated or are interested in say that they love a girl with a nice ass. I do squats every day, for the last 8 months, but it's still really small. There is nothing more I can do about it that I know of. I have a 32C bust size, a slim waist, but still a flat ass (thanks, genetics). What else can I do? A guy actually didn't want to continue dating me just because of it.

Ideally, I want a guy to like me for me of course. But I am starting to feel self concious a bit about this. Any advice or insight would be helpful, thanks!


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  • Don't let it bring you down ok there is a guy out there that is going to think you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Don't stop looking for him all the guys that didn't date you for the size of your butt is shallow and you don't need a guy like that anyway. Please don't be self concious about your looks a big butt doesn't make you beautiful. Just be confident in yourself and a guy will come that loves you for you and not just you butt

    • That was lovely. Thank you for the feedback. :)
      I hope so, I might have to stop dating for a bit. 3 guys in a row declining me because of my butt (that's what they told me) is starting to get to me.

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    • Thank you. :)

    • Your welcome just hang in there you will find a guy

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  • dont get implants... lol just don't if you want a bigger but
    you can't really do anything to make it "bigger"


    if you gained a littles weight and toned it up then thatd be ok but you'd weigh more

    find yourself a man who doesn't even notice you have a butt behind there he will like you for you and not something you can't help

    • I would never get surgery unless it was a life or death situation. I exercise every day, and incorporate squats to make me toned... but there is no mass. It's pretty flat.

      I'd love to find a guy that likes me for me, but sadly that hasn't happened... yet. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Maybe find a dude who isn't a shallow cunt? And stop being self conscious about it, it's a very silly thing to be self conscious about.

    • I agree, it's pretty ridiculous. I kid you not, the last guy told me to my face that he wants a woman with more ass. And the guy before him, I asked out. He told me to turn around, looked at my butt and told me he wasn't interested. I guess I have to keep on looking, thanks.

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    • I hope so, thank you. :)

    • You're welcome ^_^

  • I hear that getting spanked makes your butt bigger, because the more one part of your body gets hit, the more fat goes to that area as a means of protection.

    So try spanking yourself on a regular basis.

    • Even a paddle doesn't work. Thanks, though!

    • You've already tried?

    • Of course.

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  • I had the same issue. Squats alone weren't doing it for me, so I looked into some other ideas. Look on YouTube for beginner strength yoga. This will really help tone your muscles and it is very relaxing to boot. I also did a lot of lunges during slow times at work. I don't have time to go to the gym most of the time, so I try to squeeze in some strength building exercise when I have a few moments.

    Do lunges and squats and yoga poses for as long as you can! muscle tone is what is important, I think.

    And... If a guy dumps you because your butt isn't round enough or for some other stupid reason, make sure you let him know that his breath always smelled terrible and he wore too much cologne.

    • Thank you for the info! I actually do yoga in the mornings after my cardio, and Pilates in the evenings. My butt is toned, there's just... nothing really there. It's almost a back with a crack, but just a very slight bump.

      You didn't lie about the last part, although I haven't said that out loud lol. I don't understand why the guys in my area are so into ass? What happened to a decent looking person with a good personality?

    • I think you're fine :) you sound fit and healthy, and that is very attractive to a lot of guys. I've actually seen a fair amount of them posting that they prefer a smaller toned butt to a big round one. Everyone has different preferences, and you may have just had some bad luck with shallow guys. Keep taking care of yourself in the ways that work best for you, and your body and mind will be healthy and perfect for someone worth your time.

    • I'm new to this area and a lot of the guys (and women) are pretty superficial I'm afraid. I used to be confident, but having 3 guys in a row not date me because of my ass really is starting to get to me. I might have to stop dating for a while and keep focusing on me. Thank you for your input. :)

  • do you squat with heavy weights? like on a squat rack? also just squatting is not enough you gotta do dead lifts, lunges, eat protein after so your muscles grow.

    • Yes, I use a rack. I do lunges and what not as well. My legs are getting really muscular, which is not what I want.

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