What exactly is not exactly dating but not just friends?

My crush and his ex (who go to a different school than me) are said to maybe be together by all my friends. But the thing is, they don't hold hands or kiss or publicly declare themselves as a couple. But one of my friends who is my crushes best friend describe these two as not being a couple but not being just friends. Everyone says they act all cute and stuff, but the thing is they aren't sealing the deal by actually declaring themselves a couple. Why is this and what exactly is this gray area of not being a couple but not being together? And they aren't dating other people. They just aren't sharing the details of their relationship or openly declaring themselves together and I don't get why? I'm new to this stuff too so can someone explain it to me please?


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  • They're probably dating but not being public about it


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  • They're sleeping together and getting all the perks of a relationship but that's it. Could be just because they have history together.

    • So you don't think they're seriously together

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    • Can I private message you for further advice

    • Sure, I'll check and make sure my inbox is on the right setting.