Any help would be great. Just need to know what to do in this situation and how he feels?

Me and this boy have been dating for about a month now. And before dating we talked for a couple weeks. We would text everyday, all day. But now recently that hasn't been the case. He doesn't show as much emotion (like using exclamation marks or emojis), the amount of time we talk has drastically changed. And when we do text its usually about the same stuff. Like how are you, how was your day etc... But I see him on Facebook liking peoples status/pictures and commenting stuff. He doesn't work or go to school either. So I know that its not a time thing. Have we just reached a bump in our relationship? So he lives like an hour away and I only see him on the weekends (Fri, Sat, and maybe sundays) when we go out with a group of friends. But what bothers me is that once we get to the club he runs off and is social talking to other people. And I'm cool with that.. Im not like that. Id rather just talk to the people I know. And I don't want him to have to babysit me all night. But him coming back to me for a little bit or taking me and introducing me to some of his other friends might be nice you know? And he recently made a Facebook status saying 'Do I regret not dancing with someone? Maybe idk' And seeing that kinda hurt me So I guess what I need help with is knowing what to do. From what I've written... what do you think his stance in the relationship is? I haven't talked to him about any of this because I've been to scared and Im also not good at showing or telling my feeling. I want to talk this out and I want this relationship to last for a very long time but Im stuck and don't know what to do at this point. I appreciate anyone that replies <3 (this is a gay relationship too if that matters)

  • End things now before my feelings get too deep.
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  • Have a serious talk with him about our feelings for each other
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  • Over reacting, everything will be ok with time
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  • You should have a talk


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