How do guys consider sleeping with them too soon?

there is this guy I used to work with who used to flirt with me etc. and would text me now and then.
then he whent away for 4 months, in that time he texted me a few times.
then came back to visit for a few weeks and asked me on a date.
we went on 2 dates then we slept together. after he wasn't as conversational as usual, so it upset me
and i felt used so i ended it. he was upset. a week later we talked about things and got back on track.
he has left again for a month. but things are not the same, he texts me less often and when i text him he takes a long time to respond. and when he does they are short.
Has he lost interest? should i not bother anymore? when he comes back should i just ignore him?


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  • The sooner you realize that he played you the better. Though its easier said then done just move on. And in the future don't sleep with a guy on the second date. I know it sounds preachy but it really is a big turn off for a lot of guys. They'll either think you're a slut (not saying you are) or they won't want anything to do with you because they got what they wanted.


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  • Yea don't bother.. I shamelessly admit I have done this a handful of times and it was all about just trying to fuck when I felt horny.. Used the girls and just stringed them along until I found someone better.. I have regretted every single one and wished I hadn't done it because every girl was pretty cool and really didn't deserve it.. I have apologized profusely to 4 out of 6 of them and still feel bad about it.. But sorry to say this guy sounds like what I used to do

  • hahah!! he played his part. its you that made the mistake.


    • what mistake did i make?

    • if we both feel a connection, how is it only me who made the mistake?

  • How the fuck should I know? I'm a beta faggot 30 year old virgin. I literally have no idea what it's like to go on a date and fuck a chick because all you sluts were sucking that Alpha male dick your whole life.


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