Girls, My girlfriend returned from the club this morning?

She got into bed with me and didn't want me to go down on her. .. We had sex.. did she have sex with someone when she was out?

Well she just confessed to me that she had sex with a guy while she was out. But I really want to stay with her.


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  • nahhh I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. While clubbing we (humans) dance and sweat, thus will not smell so fresh the morning after. I suggest you go out and then smell your balls in the morning... not nice at all right?
    She probably just felt yuckie downthere.

    I rather have a problem with your lack of trust dude. she goes out, doesn't want oral, and the best tought you could come up with is "Haaa!! she cheated!!"
    You might want to think about the reasons you have this insecurity with her.

    • Noted... yet it felt like she cheated. .. down there.

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    • that sounds like vaginal smegma... it is an accumulation of normal vaginal secretions... after a long day of moving sweating and whatnot, it is completely normal.
      Besides, IF she cheated, ny bet would be that there would have been a condom involved no?
      really man, do not fabricate yourself a whole thriller over this.
      Everyone gets it, it's whitish, chunky and smelly. Here, have a read:

    • Thanks:) helpful

  • Not necessarily but if its odd behavior for her then possibly.

    • Well she confessed. Still have very strong feelings.